True Induction Single Burner Induction Cooktop Review

True Induction Single Cooktop
True Induction Induction Cooktop

It’s no secret that induction cooktops are increasingly being included as a regular feature in upscale homes because of their overall functionality, energy efficiency and sleek appearance. However, the price can be an issue because a full size 4 burner induction cooktop is more than you would pay for a regular gas or electric cooktop. There is an alternative though that will allow you to experience the benefits of induction cooking without the hefty price tag.

The magnetic technology at the core of induction cooking is also available as a single unit countertop induction burner. The single True Induction cooktop is a portable option that has the ability to heat and cook quickly using less energy than regular electric and gas cooking. Magnet induction ensures that the transfer of heat is instant and direct, while being safer as well with no naked flame or hot coils to worry about.

The True Induction single cooktop is easy to use with a digital touch panel to control heat levels as well as a timer. You will need to have access to a standard 110 power outlet though as well as cookware that contains iron to create the electromagnetic field for induction to occur.

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Features of the True Induction Cooktop

Design – a portable single burner domestic countertop induction burner

Capacity  can support up to thirty five pounds weight

Operation and Quick Start – plug into 110 outlet and press the on/off button once. The countertop induction burner will begin heating and the power indicator will turn red (assuming you have used a ferromagnetic pot). Press the + / – key until you reach your preferred heat setting, noting that the default is level 5. When cooking is finished, simply press the on/off button once to turn the induction burner off.

Energy Efficient – with true induction 90% of the energy (heat) generated is used.

Materials – the true induction cooktop is made from ceramic glass

Temperature Range 150°F – 450°F (exact temp. settings)

Power Levels – 1 through 10

Temperature Control – you can set the temperature via the quick start method or the exact temperature setting. The quick start method is outlined above however you can also select the exact temperature you require by pressing the ‘temp’ button which should turn red after you have pressed it. The default is 270°F and it can be changed by pressing the + / – key until you have reached your desired setting. 30 degree increments are used between settings (150° and 450° F). After a liquid reaches boiling, the quick start and exact temperature buttons should both be set at their lowest settings in order to maintain a steady simmer.

Timer – up to 150 minutes and is useful when specific cooking times are recommended. Press the ‘timer’ button then the + / – key until the desired time setting is reached. The default is zero minutes and increases in increments of five minutes, while decreasing in increments of one minute.

Safety – if 150 minutes of cooking time is reached the induction burner automatically resets to ‘standby mode. This is perfect if you have forgotten to turn off the burner for any reason.  An LED light will show ‘EE’ and beep. You can keep cooking by pressing the on/off button again.

Portable – true induction is perfect for RVs and can be used anywhere there is access to a 110 power outlet.

Confectionaries – a double boiler is not necessary for cooking these and likewise for melting chocolate due to the precision heat controls of the true induction cooktop

Cleaning – is easy as there is no uneven surface to trap food. The device should be cleaned after each use and switched off and unplugged prior to cleaning. Oil based liquids and abrasive cleaners should never be used and all that is required is a wipe over with a damp cloth. Water should never be permitted to seep into the cooktop.

Storage – storage in a dry place is recommended however many customers leave their true induction cooktop in situ for constant use.


True Induction Single Burner
True Induction Single Burner

Measures: 11 – 13/16 x 14 – 15/16 x 2 – 13/16
Item No: TI-1B
Power: 1600 Watts
Voltage: 120v / 60HZ
Warranty: 2 Year limited with product registration

What’s Great About the True Induction Cooktop?

  • Risk-free 60 day trial satisfaction guarantee
  • Controls require only a light touch – they are sensitive
  • Does what it is advertised to do
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks very fast
  • Efficient and just as fast as using a microwave
  • High quality build
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Saves time
  • Heats and boils quickly
  • Controls display is easy to read
  • Has ten heat levels
  • Controls include an on/off button, timer and a heat button
  • Can be used  for roasts and slow cooked soups

Comes with a 2 prong 120vac plug

What’s Not so Great

  • The fan is louder than expected
  • The size of the heating zone is not clear

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The True Induction Single Burner Cooktop is a highly sought after cooktop. A majority of customers give the True Induction an excellent rating. Things they like about it include its cooking speed, quality build, touch controls and overall performance. They also like its appearance as well as the number of settings available. To read more about what customers have to say, you can see their reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The True Induction is available for online purchase and if you would like to check the latest price, you can find it here. Customers like the efficiency of the countertop induction burner and feel it is a solid product. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend it.

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