True Induction Cooktop – Double Burner Review

True induction double burner
True Induction double cooktop

The TRUE Induction two burner induction cooktop is energy efficient and portable with the convenience of two induction burners. It combines induction technology with an attractive black appearance as well as a safe cooking experience. Heat adjustments are instant and heating is even across the base of your pan.

Because induction cooking produces very little excess heat, you can also expect your kitchen to be cooler because it is only the cookware that heats up, not the cooking surface. With no naked flame and auto cookware sensors, the two burner induction cooktop is always safe to use.

The surface of the unit is one piece of solid glass that is completely flat with no crevasses, separators or lips. This includes the area around the controls which is also completely flat so that cleaning is very simple, requiring a wipe down with a soapy slightly damp cloth, followed by a quick wipe with a dry paper towel.

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Features of the True Induction Cooktop

Design – a two burner induction countertop cooktop with 1800 watts of power (counter inset model can be found HERE.)
Voltage – 120 V
Power – 1800 Watts
Energy Efficiency – 90% energy efficient
Precision Cooking – the heat settings are exact so that you can easily control cooking processes such as melting chocolate on a low heat. Ditto for soups and sauces.
Timer – up to 150 minutes
Induction Rings – one is larger than the other so that you have a choice as to pan size
Temperature Settings – are precise and set at levels 1 – 10, being between 150° F – 450° F
Control Panel – is digital and located on the top of the unit for ease of use.
Extra Energy and Money Savings  – other double cook tops that are powered by 1800 watts share the power equally between the two burners – (900 watts for each burner). This means that some potential cooking power is wasted. This double burner cooktop allows you to use all of the 1800 watts by splitting the power with each burner dependent on the other. Level 10 is the maximum power for the entire cooktop. So if one burner is on level 6, the maximum you can use on the other burner is level 4. Likewise if one burner is set to level 7, the other one can only draw to level 3. The 1800 watts is divided between the two burners so that the power ratio between the two will always equal level 10.
Cookware – must be ferromagnetic (contain iron) with the optimal flat pan bottom size being between 4.5″ – 10″. If a magnet will stick to the bottom of a pan, it is good to use for induction cooking.
Safety Features – overheating sensors in the cooktop detect if cookware is present or not and turns off automatically if none is present, meaning no burned pots and kitchen fires.


Measures: 23.5 x 2.5 x 14 inches
Item No: S2F2
Manufacturer: TrueInduction
Warranty: Risk free 60 day guarantee and 2 year limited warranty

What’s Great About the True Induction Cooktop – Double Burner?

• Plenty of safety features
• Keeps the kitchen cool
• Easy to use the controls are simple to understand
• Ideal for entertaining if you want extra serving/warming/cooking options
• Easy to clean
• Auto turn off if no pan is detected
• Pan bottoms stay clean
• Low profile ensures easy countertop use
• Ideal for areas with limited space such as a galley kitchen or a small apartment
• Cooks evenly and quickly
• Stops working when the pot or pan is removed
• Excellent functionality
• Quality build
• Energy efficient

What’s Not so Great

• Controls can be touchy when cleaning and turn on. Nothing will heat up though without the unit detecting a pan

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner is a popular double burner online seller. A majority of customers give the True Induction an outstanding rating.

Things they like about it include its energy efficiency, attractive profile, functionality and build, ease of use as well as its suitability for using in areas with limited space. To read more about what customers think of the product, you can read their reviews here.


The True Induction Cooktop – Double Burner is available online and you can find the latest price for it here. Customers are impressed with the overall functionality and build of the double induction cooktop, especially in areas where space is a limitation. The two burner induction cooktop is also an excellent option for people who don’t want the expense of a full size induction cooktop, particularly when purchasing two of the double induction cooktops resulted in the same effect. Based on customer feedback we are happy to recommend it as a money and space saving investment for any kitchen.

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