Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Secura MC9100 induction cooktop
Secura MC9100

The Secura induction cooktop combines the convenience of a portable lightweight cooktop with the safety and efficiency of induction cooking. The portable cooktop provides additional cooking capacity to supplement the kitchen stove or outdoor barbecue when cooking for larger groups. Unlike an electric hot plate, the cooktop doesn’t generate heat to cook food so it is safer to use the unit when there are small children around.

The Secura 9100MC 1800W portable induction cooktop cooks food quickly and accurately when used with the appropriate induction cookware. The cooktop serves as an extra burner in the kitchen, outdoors on the patio, or at events where food needs to stay hot and fresh on the go. Some users even find that they prefer the cooktop to using their stove.

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Features of the Secura 9100MC

Digital Control Panel

The Secura 9100MC implements a highly visible digital control panel so you can see the temperature settings and read the countdown timer with ease.

Adjustable Power Levels

The cooktop has fifteen power levels ranging from 200 watts to 1800 watts and temperatures from 140°F to 460°F to cook a variety of foods to perfection. Even at the highest setting, the outer base remains cool so that it is safer for little ones while the energy is focused on the cookware and the food in it for the most energy-efficient cooking at any temperature.

Built-In Countdown Timer

Simply set the timer in one-minute increments up to 170 minutes and keep track of the progress of your cooking with the countdown timer displayed on the digital panel.

Safety Features

Staying cool to the touch is just one way that the Secura is safer than an electric hot plate. The cooktop also has auto-pan detection, a diagnostic error message system, and a low and high voltage warning system for additional safety. Auto shutoff kicks in automatically after seventy minutes so you don’t have to worry about getting distracted and forgetting to turn the cooktop off.

Highly Portable

My favorite feature of the Secura portable induction cooktop is its portability. I am always going to large family functions where everyone brings at least one dish. The cooktop gives me more options for preparing foods that really need to be served warm including everything from nacho dip to beef stew. The light weight and two-prong plug make the cooktop easy to carry and set up anywhere there is an outlet.


The Secura cooktop comes with instructions and a 1-year warranty. Buyers also have the option to purchase an extended 3-year or 4-year protection plan.

Secura 9100MC Cooktop
Secura 9100MC


Induction cooking is safer, faster, and more energy-efficient than with an electric hot plate. The portable cooktop offers all the features that matter most to cooks who entertain on a large scale at home or who are always on the go.

The modern black finish makes the cooktop an attractive addition to any kitchen while the small, lightweight design makes handling and storage effortless. Keep the cooktop on the counter for regular use or simply place in a drawer or on a shelf out-of-sight until the next time you need additional cooking space.

The Secura 9100MC is dependable enough to make the cooktop a favorite of professional level cooks and amateurs alike.


Some users are unhappy with the need to purchase new cookware in order to get the induction cooktop to work properly. Testing to see if existing cookware is magnetic may prove that new cookware is not necessary. Even if it is, you need only purchase one or two pieces of induction cookware and continue to use your existing cookware on the stove. If your current cookware is not magnetic, you can also purchase an induction disk that will work with any type of cookware.

A few buyers feel that the cooktop does not heat food evenly, getting hotter in the center of the pan than around the edges. To prevent this, never use a kettle or skillet that is larger than the cooktop and make sure that the cookware is made of the appropriate materials for induction cooking.

Consumer Ratings

The majority of consumers find the Secura induction cooktop to be a great value that works beyond expectations. Many who try a single unit end up buying more because they prefer induction cooking to that of their electric stoves. Read customer reviews.


Most online stores that offer the Secura 9100MC sell it for a reasonable price. You can usually find the lowest prices at Amazon. Check here to check the latest price.

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