The KitchenPRO Portable Induction Burner Review

KitchenPro Induction Burner
KitchenPro Induction Burner

The KitchenPRO combines a number of features to achieve convenience, versatility, and energy-efficiency in a single product. The benefits of an extra burner include expanding the cook space of a kitchen stove when preparing large meals or taking the burner to events where foods need to be kept warm.

The advantages of the KitchenPRO Portable Induction Burner include faster cooking that is safer, cleaner, cooler and less expensive than electric burners. Buyers of the KitchenPRO enjoy all of these features in addition to the variable cooking functions and worry-free timer.

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Features of the KitchenPRO Induction Burner


The light weight of the KitchenPRO is what makes the induction burner highly portable. The stylish, single-piece design is easy to carry and store when not in use. Use the burner with pots or pans between 4-1/2” and 10” in diameter to keep foods warm at events away from home. The unit can replace large, heavy crock pots that have only one or two heat settings and keep food warm without drying, or complete the cooking process on-site.

Built-In Timer

The built-in timer lets you set the cooking time from 1 to 180 minutes so you can work on other preparations while your food cooks. Built-in overheat protection ensures optimal results without worry.

Digital Touch Display

KitchenPro Induction Controls
KitchenPro Induction Controls

Choose from five precision cooking functions at the touch of a finger using the digital touch display. I especially like this feature because I go back and forth cooking so many types of foods. This feature also allows me to set the temperature at any of ten temperature settings between 176°F and 536°F for precision cooking of any kind.

Precision Cooking Functions

The five precision cooking functions include hot pot, fry, BBQ, water, and milk. Instead of worrying about the best heat to choose when making these dishes or when heating up water for cooking or making beverages, finding the right one is fast and easy.


The attractive, polished appearance of the KitchenPRO burner disguises how durable the unit really is. The glass top is easy-to-clean and scratch- and break- resistant to keep the exterior looking like new.

The digital control panel curves downward, preventing impact from cookware that could cause damage while also maintaining visibility even when using larger pots and pans.

Energy Efficiency

Induction cooking is highly efficient, producing less waste than other methods of energy. All of the heat produced goes towards cooking the food and not into the air. Food is cooked faster with very little ambient heat being produced so that the induction burner is much more energy-efficient.

Included Accessories

The induction burner comes with an instruction guide that includes a detailed cookware guide.


  • Dimensions: 15 x 2.4 x 11.2 in
  • Weight: 5.5LBS
  • Manufacturer: Aspectek


The KitchenPRO combines features that make cooking a variety of foods fast, easy, and precise. The induction burner is light enough for easy portability but also durable enough to withstand frequent use without becoming damaged.

The burner offers a number of advantages over other electric and gas burner tops including greater safety. The auto shutdown feature activates when there is no pan detected and handles of cookware remain cool to the touch while the food inside cooks to perfection.


Some consumers fail to realize that the induction burner will only work with some types of pots and kettles. Some found the need to purchase new cookware inconvenient while most users who obtained less-than-optimum results cited improper cookware as the reason.

Those who already owned cookware that was made from magnetic metals and had flat bottoms found that the cookware worked well on the burner. Some of those who made new purchases of induction cookware found that there are good sets that are reasonably priced and worth the additional investment.

Consumer Ratings

Consumers give the KitchenPRO induction burner high ratings for versatile cooking using pots and pans of different sizes and a variety of temperature controls. The digital timer and overheat protection make cooking worry free. Most users appreciate the fast and easy use that often doesn’t even require the user’s guide to operate. Cleanup is easy by just wiping the surface with a damp cloth.


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