Gourmia Induction Cooker Review

Gourmia GIC-100
Gourmia GIC-100

The induction cooker from Gourmia is designed for cooking a broad range of foods with precise results. Induction cooking offers faster food preparation without the need for open flames or coils while using as much as 90% less energy than an electric or gas cooking stove. The Gourmia cooker is also portable so that you can use it as an extra or backup burner when your existing stove isn’t enough or for events away from home. The induction cooker is even a good choice for cooking on the patio or in your backyard.

The most popular feature of the Gourmia Induction Cooker is the temperature control which gives you the ability to set the cooking heat instantly and precisely.

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Features of the Gourmia Induction Cooktop

Automatic Timer

When a burner cooks foods as fast as the Gourmia, it’s easy for it to get done before you realize it. That’s one reason the automatic timer is so important. You can set it for up to 180 minutes. The auto shut-off features will cut the burner off when the time is up to prevent over-cooked food.


The induction cooker produces an impressive 1800 watts, giving it more power than most other induction cooktops. Cooking is more precise with the option to set the cooktop to one of 8 temperature settings and 8 power levels. I also like the easy to use control knob, rather than the typical push-button flat panel.

I have found that the Gourmia makes it easier to make crispy foods like fried fish without adding a lot of oil in comparison to the 1300 watt model that I previously owned. I get the crispy taste I love without destroying the health benefits.


The dangers of a cooking stove to small children are a reality that most parents have to contend with regularly. The Gourmia is a good choice for households with children because of the child lock feature and the stay-cool cooktop. Only the area beneath the cooking vessel gets hot so there is no danger of burned fingers.

Durable Surface

The Gourmia has a Gen3 crystalline composite surface that increases durability and performance. When food gets spilled on the surface, there are no burns or sticks, making cleanup as easy as a quick swipe with a wet cloth.


This induction cooktop is highly energy-efficient and uses as much as 90% less energy than either a gas or electric kitchen stove.

Included Accessories

The induction cooktop burner comes with a user manual that includes complete instructions.


  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 11.2 x 2.5 in
  • Weight: 4.9 LBS
  • Product Number: GIC-100
  • Manual: User Guide
  • Warranty: 1 Year


The Gourmia works for a wide variety of foods, including those that require high heat to get them crispy. It is much easier to set the temperature on this model, because of the 1800 watts of power, and achieve the desired results better than with other cooktops that have a lower power output.

This cooktop weighs about 6 pounds, meaning that it is light enough for almost anyone to carry wherever they need to use an additional burner.

Safety is a big issue for many users and this induction cooktop combines a variety of features to help keep kids and users stay safe. The unit has a cool stovetop, child lock feature, and timer/auto shut-off that prevents you from leaving the cooktop on by accident. There is also an overheat detector that shuts the unit off if it gets too hot.


There really are no significant cons to this cooktop other than the need to buy special cookware. Once people realize that the only prerequisite is that the material must be magnetic in order to make the burner work, they usually find that a lot of the cookware  they already own works just fine, it just needs to be induction-ready. This means pots and kettles can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, enameled steel and cast aluminum. Your cookware should have a flat bottom for the best heat distribution. This model also includes a induction pan compatibility sensor that will automatically check if your pan is induction compatible.

Consumer Ratings

Consumers like the precise cooking of a variety of foods, due to the choice in temperature settings. A bonus feature of the Gourmia is that the exhaust fan removes odors from foods like fish so you don’t have to contend with the fishy smell.

Buyers also give the Gourmia high marks for performance. It is a lot more durable and precise than other cooktops that are less powerful. Read consumer reviews.


The Gourmia GIC-100 induction cooker typically sells for a very reasonable price, but you can usually find the best deals on Amazon. Check here to find the latest price. The Gourmia includes a one year limited warranty.

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