Fagor Countertop Induction Cooking Set Review

The Fagor Induction Cooker is currently not available. Other similar single induction cookers include the Max Burton 6200 and the Eurodib.

Fagor hit upon a great idea when they released their two piece induction cooking set. Not everyone has suitable cookware that is required for use with an induction cooker, so including a skillet means you save time and money from the get go. If you already have induction suitable cookware, you end up with an additional skillet for free. The Fagor induction cooker is ideal for cooking anywhere you have access to a power outlet, albeit inside, outside or on recreational vehicles such as a boat or camper.

Fagor induction countertop cooking set
Fagor induction countertop cooking set

Induction cookers are perfect for anyone with a small kitchen area (or no kitchen area) or for those who simply need an additional cooktop for special occasions. Induction cooking is fast, safe and efficient. For these reasons, people all over the world are taking advantage of this unique technology.

With the Fagor induction cooker you can expect to cook approximately 50% faster than with gas or electric cooktops. Your cookware will heat instantly and the cooktop area outside of the induction burner will remain cool, helping your kitchen to stay cool as well as saving energy.

Induction cooking is ideal for anyone who is worried about the possibility of kitchen fires with mishaps relating to naked gas flames. It just doesn’t happen with induction cooking. Keep reading for more information about the Fagor induction cooker.

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Features of the Fagor Countertop Induction Cooking Set

  • Design – a compact countertop induction burner with a pan included
  • Suitable For – portable radiant and induction cooking at home as well as any location that has access to a power outlet – proving versatility of use.
  • Footprint – is small, being 8 x 14 x 2 inches so is ideal for small apartments and/or abodes with no kitchen facilities
  • Power Settings – there are 10 available for use, ranging from 300w to 1600w. This ensures fast, energy efficient cooking as well as versatility for fast and slow cooking.
  • Induction Area – is a full 10 inches. This means that cookware in a variety of sizes can be used and this is an advantage when compared to cookers that have only a six inch induction area, for example. A small induction area limits cooking to using small pieces of cookware whereas the larger induction area supports both large and small cookware items.
  • Timer – is built in and will countdown up to 150 minutes
  • Safety Auto Shut Down – an automatic shut off feature is included so that the unit will automatically shut down if no cookware is detected
  • Pan – a cast aluminum skillet is included and features all the requirements for induction cooking such as quick and even heat distribution that prevent hot spots from forming in the pan, a thick base, as well as warp free performance as a result of the single piece casting process. For anyone who does not have induction cooking suitable cookware readily at hand, the inclusion of the pan is a huge bonus that will save time and money.
  • Heat Generation – it is only the cookware that generates heat during induction cooking. This means the cooking surface does not generate heat and remains cool. This provides additional safety during use as well as resulting in a cooler kitchen and overall energy savings.


Measures: 17.8 x 14 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight: 9.8 pounds
Item No: 670040890
Warranty: 1 Year Limited

What’s Great About the Fagor Induction Cooker? 

Fagor induction set
Fagor induction set
  • Overall design
  • Simple controls
  • Low noise level
  • Fast operation
  • Easy to set up
  • The included pan for use with the induction burner
  • Suitability for use in small places
  • Portability
  • Lack of a naked flame
  • Powerful performance
  • Supports several cookware sizes

What’s Not so Great

  • A few customers received faulty units but they were happily replaced by the manufacturer

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The Fagor induction cooker is a rising star amount induction cooktops. Customers rate give the Fagor an excellent rating. Things they like about it include the easy to use controls, fast performance, energy saving characteristics, easy clean properties, size, ease of use, as well as its ability to accommodate different sizes of cookware. They are also impressed by its light weight and portability. If you would like to read the customer reviews in full, you can find them here.


The Fagor Countertop Induction Cooking Set is available online and the most competitive price is available here. Overall customer response is very positive in terms of both functionality and performance and the product is clearly popular with customers who have already taken advantage of its features and benefits. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend the Fagor cooker as a value for the money appliance.

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