Eurodib Cooktop Single Induction 1600 Watt Review

Eurodib single cooktop
Eurodib Induction cooktop

Induction burners are increasing in popularity as energy efficiency becomes more important. It is also a safe method of cooking, particularly for anyone who can become distracted while cooking and then must face an unpleasant cleanup or deal with the aftereffects of a kitchen fire. For fast, efficient and safe cooking, the Eurodib induction cooktop provides an affordable solution.

Induction burners produce a magnetic field and the energy produced heats the cooking utensil rather than the cooktop. The burner remains cool, saving energy. Besides being safe, it also means that you have a greater degree of control over temperature and power levels allowing for precision cooking at its best.

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While you do have to use induction compatible cookware, it is as simple as selecting cookware that contains iron and it doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s the iron that is important because it is necessary for the creation of the magnetic field that results in induction occurring. The Eurodib induction cooker is a great buy and perfect for household cooking, either indoors or outside.

Features of the Eurodib Induction Cooktop

  • Design – a portable single induction burner for domestic use
  • Controls – are soft-touch and do not impede use of the cooktop. As it remains cool, using the touch controls to adjust power levels, temperature control and the timer is easy and safe.
  • Materials – the cooktop is made of glass which is set in a hard plastic frame. Not only does this look stylish, but it is also efficient and safe. The induction process ensures the cooking surface remains cool at all times.
  • Weight Capacity – will comfortably support up to 35 pounds, including the weight of the cooking pot you use. This makes it ideal for cooking one pot meals for a family.
  • Portability – the single induction burner is easily transportable so that cooking does not necessarily need to be limited to the kitchen. As there is no gas flame to worry about, it is ideal for outdoor cooking.
  • Power Levels – Ten power levels ensure a high level of control over the various types of cooking process such as boiling and simmering for example
  • Cookware – must contain stainless steel or cast iron for induction to work
  • Cooktop – is glass, which makes it easy to clean
  • Timer – is integrated into the controls
  • Safety Features – the single induction burner is designed to turn itself off if no activity is detected. This makes it ideal for the absent minded or indeed anyone who becomes distracted during the cooking process. It means no kitchen fires or burnt pots and pans.
  • Energy Efficient – this is one of the main features of induction burners. No energy is lost or wasted by heating the cooktop. Cooking is also faster so that less energy is required when compared to gas or electricity.
  • Cool Kitchen – the cooktop does not retain heat as it is only the cooking pot that is heated. The great thing about this is that the kitchen area is not subject to additional generated heat, so summer cooking is more comfortable.
  • Cleaning – very easy to clean


Measures: 11.8 x 15 x 2.5 inches
Current: 13.3 amps
Volts: 120
Watts: 1600
Item No: P3D
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

What’s Great About the Eurodib Cooktop?

  • More efficient than gas or electric cookers
  • Cooks fast
  • Stylish appearance
  • Great for anyone looking for ‘green’ lifestyle options
  • Portable
  • Great for outdoor cooking with no gas flame to worry about being blown out
  • Doesn’t make the kitchen hot in warm weather
  • Safe to use with auto shut off feature
  • No flame to cause accidental fires
  • Can boil a teapot of water in under two minutes
  • Ideal for quickly generating a high level of heat for using a wok
  • Doesn’t require expensive cookware to be used for cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Large cook pots can be used
  • Easy to control and use by way of temperature control, power levels and a timer

What’s Not so Great

  • The fan can be annoying to anyone who is ultra- sensitive to noise

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Of the customers that had left feedback for this single induction burner they give it an above average rating. The things they liked about included its efficiency, safety features, portability and its ability to heat the cooking pot only as opposed to the cooktop itself. Customers liked the way their kitchens were not turned into hot boxes during the summer months as well as the financial savings they were able to take advantage of with the increased efficiency. To read more about what customers said, you can read their reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The Eurodib induction single cooktop is available from retailers online and you can check the latest price for it here. Customers were impressed with the quality and overall performance of the product considering its reasonable price. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend the Eurodib as an excellent purchase.

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