Double Induction Cooktops

It is my goal to make this a website that will help people learn about the benefits of induction cooking and help you make an informed decision about purchasing induction cooktops. I’ve used gas, electric and induction cooktops and hobs, but the best of all the cooktops have used induction technology.

However, I try to remain objective and not sway you with my personal opinions. I want to provide guidance and information, but in the end it will be your decision. I will give you advice and direction on the top and best reviewed models that I think are worth investigating and purchasing.

Or course the obvious advantage of two burner models is you can cook two things at once, or use one to cook while you’re keeping something else warm on the other burner. If you are looking to expand beyond the single burner models, I have two double burner cooktops for you. The True Induction S2F2 and the Cusinart ICT60.

True induction double burner

True Induction S2F2 – Double Cooktop – The double cooktop from True Induction is basically a combination of two of their best selling single burner models combined into one unit. The combined 1800 watts makes this a powerful cooking powerhouse. It comes with a 60 days no questions asked, try it and return it policy. So you can try it out and have two months to decide whether you want to keep it, but along with other customers, I’m confident that you will be very happy with your purchase. Read full review

Waring ICT400

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop – The double cooktop is great for limited space or if you need to cook in more than one pan at a time. It has a wide range of temperature settings and comes with the standard features of most induction cooktops including sensing the pan on the cooktop and automatic shutoff. Cuisinart produces quality appliances and this is no exception. Read full review

If either of these models interest you, click through to the full review for more details and customer reviews.