Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop
Cuisinart ICT-60

There are plenty of advantages to using the Cuisinart Induction Cooktop, particularly when you consider that it has two burners which can be used to maximum capacity at the same time. It is an ideal cooktop for occasions when additional burners are required, as well as suiting small kitchens with limited space, but still want to produce great tasting home cooked meals.

Induction cooking is fast and safe with the added advantages of using less energy than traditional gas and electric cooktops. You get to save money and energy while still enjoying the benefits of home cooking. Customers like the easy to use and easy to clean features as well, particularly as it saves them time. The versatility of having a double burner cooktop means flexible cooking options making it an all-round winner for users.

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Features of the Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

  • Design – a double burner induction cooktop
  • Energy Usage – is approximately 70% less than traditional electric and gas cooktops, saving you money
  • Burner Usage – both sides can be used individually or both together at their respective maximum power settings, bearing in mind the right burner will never be as hot as the left. This ensures plenty of flexibility over cooking tasks and styles.
  • Auto Shut Off – Heat shuts off automatically 30 seconds after pan is lifted off
  • Safety – cooking is exhaust and flame-free, using even heating that results in no hot spots – peace of mind is a huge benefit, particularly when children and frail aged persons are present
  • Cookware – induction-ready cookware must be used, meaning that iron should be part of the cookware’s properties


Left burner

  • Control – on/off
  • Heat Settings – eight power settings: 1200w, 1050w, 900w, 750w, 600w, 450w, 300w, and 200w with all settings able to be used while the right burner is being used
  • Timer – 150 minutes

Right Burner

  • Control – on/off
  • Heat Settings – five power settings: 600w, 500w, 400w, 300w, and 200w with all settings able to be used while the left burner is being used
  • The right side is meant to be used as a simmer burner, but is still powerful enough to boil water, make eggs, etc.

Specifications for the Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

Product Dimensions: 14.25 x 23.5 x 2.5 inches
Manufacturer: Cuisinart
Item No: ICT-60
Warranty: Limited Five Year

What’s Great about the Cuisinart ICT-60?

  • Cuisinart ICT-60 double induction cooktop
    Cuisinart ICT-60

    Heats up and cools down very quickly

  • Turns itself off when cooking pot is removed
  • Uses less energy than an electric cooktop
  • Perfect for small cooking pots and pans
  • Kitchen stays cooler during cooking
  • Cooking pots stay cleaner
  • Surface only holds heat from the pot
  • Bright LED display
  • Easy clean up
  • Safe to use and reduces risk of kitchen fires
  • Does not heat unless a cooking pot is placed on the surface
  • Perfect for anyone who need additional cooktops for parties etc.
  • More versatile than a microwave
  • Easy to operate
  • Heat levels remain constant after applying the relevant setting
  • Response time to individual heat settings is fast

What’s Not so Great

  • Some noise from the cooling fan is evident
  • Absence of an extra low setting make it unsuitable for things like sauces and melting chocolate and butter
  • Cooking element is only 10” in diameter meaning larger utensils will not cook evenly

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Many customers have left feedback for the Cuisinart Cooktop and they give it an excellent rating. Things they like about it include its fast heating speed, ability to save you money and clean cooking. They are also impressed by how easy it was to set heat levels as well as the fast cooktop cool down. A few customers feel the cooling fan makes too much noise for their liking however the majority do not find it to be a problem. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Cuisinart ICT-60 is available from online retailers and you can find their best price for it here. Customers like the functionality and performance of this cooktop and enjoy the benefits it provides. While there were a few comments about the fan being noisy and the size of the actual cooking area being too small, the majority of customers are impressed with their purchase and found it to be a useful addition to their kitchen appliances. Based on customer feedback and the generous 5 year warranty, we are pleased to recommend it.

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